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Wine lovers should not miss out on the world famous Tokaj wine region. It is named after its capital, the town of Tokaj, but actually consists of seventeen wine villages situated close to one another, each with its own character. The many companies range from small family vineyards to large, international enterprises and are generally open for visitors. Besides guided tours, tastings and sales they sometimes offer lunch and dinner arrangements. Advance booking is recommended. We are happy to advise you and make an appointment - or more – for you. We also work closely with an excellent sommelier with perfect knowledge of English. He is happy to guide you through the region, or bring a wine selection for a tasting in Irota.

Whereas Tokaj is the perfect destination for lovers of white wine, Eger is famous for its red ('Bull's Blood' or 'Egri Bikavér in Hungarian). The Valley of Beautiful Women (Szépasszonyvölgy) close to the city offers a variety of wine cellars with tasting opportunity. It is all quite touristy, though. Gorgeous Eger itself is also very worthwhile. Again, it is more crowded and touristy than the other places we introduce to you here. You also need to buckle up for a drive of at least an hour and a half.

Those curious to have a look at the other side of the border are well advised to pay a visit to the Slovak city of Košice (Hungarian: Kassa, German: Kaschau). Together with French Marseille, Košice was the cultural capital of Europe in 2013 and a lot has been done to restore the beautiful city centre back to its former glory. On the way to Košice one passes Encs, which has one of the best restaurants in Hungary, ‘Anyukám Mondta’.

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