garden & pool

The hilly character of the region is well reflected in the outdoor area of Irota EcoLodge: whereas the Lower House has its terrace and adjacent garden on the same level, only descending when close to the fishing pond. The Middle and Upper Houses have gardens which are significantly lower than their respective terraces. From these two houses, the gardens can be reached by stairs. The U-shape of the Lower and Middle Houses guarantees full privacy on their terraces, while the L-shape of the Upper House offers a terrace three times as large. The position of the latter at the very end of the village ensures a full and unhampered view on the beautiful surroundings.

Each garden is separated from its neighbour by a wooden fence. However, if your group has booked both the Lower and Middle Houses, you can easily walk from one house to the other using the gate in the fence. The Middle and Upper Houses offer two passages, one on the adjacent parking lots and one at the end of the shared garden. At that same point, a boardwalk shared by the Middle and Upper Houses leads to the swimming pool. The Lower House has a boardwalk of its own.

Each garden area has its own outdoor cooking facility, which includes a barbecue and a cooking platform, enabling you to prepare your very own kettle goulash according to Hungarian traditions.

The swimming pool, size 6x16 m with a depth of 1.5 m, is situated amidst the reed and is completely natural, which means that a separate filter basin and two skimmers ensure excellent water quality without the use of additional chemicals. The wooden sunbathing terrace surrounding the pool is equipped with a refreshing shower and 10 lounge chairs for your comfort. From sunset until 22.00 h every day, the pool is lit from under the water surface.

Garden & Pool
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