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What does sustainability mean to us?
We are convinced that luxury and a sustainable way of life go well together. With Irota EcoLodge, we set a leading example in the sustainable hospitality industry in Hungary. We are proud to be the first and so far only climate-neutral holiday accommodation in Hungary, and probably in the wider region as well.

Net zero carbon accommodation
Net zero carbon, or climate-neutrality, means that our activities do not increase the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In other words: all carbon emissions are compensated, so that the net emissions are zero or below zero. Many companies aim at reaching net zero carbon by 2030 or 2050 the latest. At Irota EcoLodge, we already achieved net zero carbon today in two different ways.

Operational Carbon: We looked all carbon emissions of the operations of our whole company. Beside the holiday homes, these include the utility building where the laundry is done, the emissions from our company cars and our Budapest City apartment. Click here to download the most recent operational carbon footprint report.

Whole Life Carbon: We looked at the carbon emissions of the whole life cycle of one holiday home. This includes the construction emissions, the operational emissions during the usage of the building, the future deconstruction of the building and the storage of carbon in the biogenic building materials. Click here to download the Life Cycle Assessment report or watch the recording of the HuGBC Green Talk.

Irota EcoLodge is an active member of the Hungarian branch of the Green Building Council, a world-wide organisation of professionals promoting sustainable and green construction. Our project is listed as the only Hungarian example project in the Case Study Library of the World Green Building Council. You can also live follow the operational carbon emissions at our Carbon Dashboard.

Sustainable benefits
For a complete overview of our sustainable credentials, click here or watch the recording of the HuGBC Green Walk (Hungarian). Beside our environmental footprint, we take our social responsibilities seriously. The success of our mini-resort goes hand in hand with the success of the village: if people truly enjoy their time with us – our co-workers as well as our guests – this will be beneficial to the general mood. Open and fair consultations with our co-workers and a keen eye for local interests are therefore essential.

So, what do we actually do – and what do we ask from you?
We continuously strive to further reduce our environmental footprint. For example, in 2019, we have switched to electric driving, fuelled by our own solar panels. In 2020, we installed charging stations for electric vehicles at the holiday homes. We are happy to offer you fresh organic produce from our garden and are finding ways to expand our role in the production of home-grown organic food. Also, we are looking into options to reduce our waste even more.

We want to make sure you can relax in luxury. Therefore your active contribution to keep Irota EcoLodge environmentally sound remains limited: We only ask you to separate your waste according to the instructions you find in your holiday home. That’s it.

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