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The natural beauty of the Cserehát region, of which Irota is called the gateway, is located on the south side of the Hungarian-Slovak border and is defined by the Sajó, Bódva and Hernád rivers. Compared with the rougher, Slovak side of the area the Cserehát is undulating and covered with forest. It also has a thriving wildlife. Visitors will see a lot of foxes and deer. The usually shy wild boars are less visible, but also present in large numbers. The hills are 250 to 300 meters high on average. The area is popular with hikers, bikers, fishermen and hunters, while the large variety of bird species makes the Cserehát an ornithological destination par excellence.

It is true, life in the Hungarian countryside offers a number of challenges. Although Irota is being served weekly by a baker (three times even), a greengrocer and even by a mobile pastry shop, it no longer has its own shop. However, it does not mean you will not be able to enjoy local delicacies. We will tell you exactly where you can obtain local honey, eggs, fruits and vegetables. Want to know more about the village? Click here.

You can start in the village itself and visit the local Greek-Catholic (or Uniate) church on top of the hill with its lovely iconostasis.

If you are an avid birdwatcher, we have good news for you. As you might have noticed in your garden, there is a large number of species for you to discover.

For hiking enthusiasts the hilly area is a true paradise. The fields and forests offer beautiful views and a multitude of species. The local Village Beautification Committee has identified a number of hiking trails with an average length of 10 kilometres. A matching hiking map is available at Irota EcoLodge. We also developed shorter walks ourselves.

We are happy to offer our guests mountain bikes free of charge. Pick a dry day if you want to stay clean, but be prepared to get really muddy if you choose to go out after a few rainier days… You can also use the bicycles to explore the wider area. We recommend two routes, both of which are about 34 kilometres long and comprise small dirt road sections.

Water fans should definitely visit Lake Rakaca, one of our favourites. This lake, the largest artificial water reservoir in Hungary, is about 40 minutes by car from Irota between the villages of Szalonna and Meszes. Its size is 1.9 km2 and it is only two to three meters deep. The lake is beautifully situated between the hills and offers a rich natural diversity. Although very suitable for swimming, boating, fishing and windsurfing, this gem is always remarkably quiet.

We are happy to show you the best places for your day (or half-day) at the lake. If you plan to cast your fishing rod, you must have a fishing license. We can help you get one.

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